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16 jaar

Both, Dani van der Moot and Gino Dekker have turned 16 years old. These 2 players are both very talented and we are proud in saying that we represent these two players! So, we would like to say to both: “Happy Birthday”and “Thank you” for your trust in us.

Gino Dekker online casino is celebrating his birthday today! Gino is a left winger and is playing for AFC Ajax since 7 years of age and is selected for the Dutch National Team U16.

Dani van der Moot celebrated his 16th birthday on March 7 2013. Dani is a striker at PSV and is also part of the Dutch national U16 squad.

Muy Manero is positive that we will hear much more from these 2 young gifted players and we hope that we will be part of their future for a long time.

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Anthony Berenstein signs first professional contract at FC Utrecht

Dutch youth talent, Anthony Berenstein, turned 16 years old on March 3, 2013. This allowed him to sign his first professional contract with a football club and FC Utrecht was eager to keep Anthony with their club for at least 2 seasons with an option on a third. Anthony is part of the FC Utrecht academy since 2009 and has developed into a strong and technical player over the past years. Not only does Anthony play in the U17 squad of Utrecht, he is also part of the Dutch National Team U16 and is performing very well in both teams.
Anthony Berenstein personally asked Muy Manero to consult him in his decision making process and of course were are happy to do so. Not only are we proud of Anthony’s football skills, we are also proud of him as a person. He has all the potential to make it in the world of football.

On behalf of Muy Manero: “Congratulations Anthony!”

Anthony Berensteijn tekenen Utrecht