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Kenneth Paal signs his first professional contract with PSV

Kenneth Paal signs with PSV

Kenneth Paal, who turned 16 years old today, signs his first professional contract with football club PSV in Eindhoven. This talented midfielder has put in many years of hard work and will continue to do so. With his football skills and abilities we will see him in the A team of PSV soon. We are proud to say that we represent Kenneth for the upcoming two years and we want to congratulate him and his family with his first contract and his birthday!

Muy Manero trip in China!

The benefits of organizing friendly matches is that you get to explore a different country or city. Well, let me tell you; we did!

One day we had time to visit the Forbidden City and made lots of pictures, but also a lot of picture were taking from us. Don’t know who or what the tourist attraction was 🙂

Herewith a small photo gallery of our free time in Beijing!

China vs Holland Muy Manero.003

China vs. Netherlands (0 – 2)

Muy Manero organised this friendly match that took place on 11 June 2013. The team and its staff received a very warm welcome from their (many!) Chinese fans that awaited them upon arrival in Beijing. The Chinese love the Dutch star players, like Robben, Van Persie, Sneijder and Kuyt. The team explored the lovely city called Beijing on bicycles and visited the imposing Forbidden City. The match on the 11th of June was won by the Dutch. After only 11 minutes the Chinese national team had to proceed with 10 players because of a faul. Van Persie and Sneijder both scored a goal. More importantly than the win, is that the players and the staff enjoyed being in China and the host was happy to may have hosted the Netherlands into their country!

China vs Holland match.001