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Acolatse been given an 8+ from Henk Spaan

The Dutch will know what today’s newspaper article says, but for our English readers:

“Elton Acolatse is a changed player. With his deep voice he yells to his team mate, asking for the ball. His arms waiving, going deep on the pitch.  He is bigger and stronger than before. Or is it his growing personality that makes you think he has grown bigger and smaller? After a long injury time, he trained independently during the Summer. Frank de Boer called him up for a training with the Ajax A-team. Acolatse led his team to a grand victory in the match against the A1 of Utrecht last Saturday (21-09-13). He had some great actions, coming from the left side into the center and scored with his right foot in the far corner. A replica of his goal against Germany in the U17 EC final. It isn’t hard to predict that Acolatse (18), in these circumstances, will be making his debut in Ajax A-team this season.”




Talented goal keeper signs with Muy Manero

Marlon Coco, 25-01-1997, has made the decision today that he wants to be represented by Muy Manero. Obviously this is very good news for us, as Marlon is a very talented goal keeper. Marlon played for HVV Hollandia until last season, but FC Volendam pinched him away because they see great potential in this tall and career driven player.

Welcome to the Muy Manero Family, Marlon!

Marlon Coco


Shopping at Sponsor Nike

How much fun do you think our boys have when shopping (for free!) at Nike headquarters?! Well, here is the answer…:


Nike understands that is important for our young(er) talents to have the right equipment. And Muy Manero understands the needs of its players and that is why Muy Manero and Nike have such a good relationship. The right amount of coaching from Muy Manero and the best equipment of Nike, will make our players better and better.

On behalf of the Muy Manero Player Family; Thank you Nike!


U17 beats tough Israel 3-2

The Dutch National Team U17 have won their second match in the U17 4-Nation Tournament in Germany on Friday the 13th of September.

It was a spectacular match! The Dutch started off really strong and with a beautiful goal from Abdel (Muy Manero player!). A few moments later Israel scored 1-1 from a penalty. It was a tough game for our boys as the Israeli played a pretty physical match… But the Dutch proofed to be unbeatable with a beautiful goal, scored by Muy Manero player, Anthony Berenstein, making the end score 3-2. Job well done!

Our Muy Manero players, played a great game. Joost Meendering, Abdelhak Nouri, Mauro Savastano, Gino Dekker and Dani van der Moot all started in the line-up.  Steven Bergwijn and Anthony Berenstein ending the match. Calvin Verdonk got some rest for the day, so that he can start off fresh against Italy next Monday!

Netherlands vs. Israel U17

U17 Germany vs. The Netherlands

2 -2 Draw for the National Team U17 with excellent performance of Muy Manero players

11 Sept 2013, Hamburg – The National U17 squad, coached by Maarten van Stekelenburg, started off the 4-Nation Cup with a draw against host country, Germany. Van Stekelenburg was rather happy with this result, as the Germany squad always proofs to be a very strong opponent. Germany U17 is ranked nr 2 on the FIFA World Ranking whereas The Netherlands is ranked nr 5.

The Dutch did not start off so well; in the third minute of the match they already had a counter goal. But The Netherlands recovered quickly and in the sixth minute Calvin Verdonk (Muy Manero player!), scored a header from a corner taken by Anthony Berenstein (Muy Manero player!). In the 48th minute, Steven Bergwijn (Muy Manero player!), scored a great goal. Again the assist was from Anthony Berenstein. Steven Bergwijn, with only 15 years, is the youngest player in the squad, which is worth mentioning!

We are proud of our boys in the National U17 squad! Let’s win from Israel tomorrow (13-09-2013, 11:00 Netherlands vs. Israel)!