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Mees Hoedemakers signs contract with AZ

Alkmaar – On the 12th of January AZ signed youth talent, Mees Hoedemakers. The 18-year old midfielder signed his first professional contract until mid 2019. Since he was 12, mees has played for his club AZ. Momentarily he plays for the U19 team and the National U19.

AZ contracteert Hoedemakers
Max Huiberts, Technical Director AZ, says to be happy to have signed Mees; “Mees is an intelligent, two-legged, dynamic midfielder with a good play overview. He is very capable in a defending role as well as in an offensive role. Mees has pretty much played through each year of the AZ academy and when this results into a contract, I feel very happy.”

Hoedemakers, “I am super happy, I have been playing for this club for such a long time, this moment is a big reward  for all the hard work. I would like to continue my hard work and end up in the A-team.”

At Muy Manero we are very happy and extremely proud of Mees and how he has always pushed himself to be better and always keeping the eye on the ball. Congrats, Mees!